Frequently Asked Questions

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Will it cost me anything to use Skilld?

Nope, Jobseekers do not have to have any sort of paid premium attached to their account in order match and get contacted by a business.

Where do I post my resume?

We don’t work with applications and resume’s like a traditional jobs board. You will be able to tell us about your relevant work history during sign up and in your account settings.

How do I call the business I matched with?

As you probably know, it can get a little crazy in hospo and managers aren’t always available for a chat. We leave it to the venue to make the call at the best time.



Will it cost me anything to use Skilld?

Skilld is absolutely free to browse your list of available candidates and get matched. We only require a paid subscription of $50 per month when you’re ready to talk to candidates. This may be when you have 1 match, or 100. It’s your choice to decide when you’re ready.

Are there any contracts?

No, there are no minimum terms for your Skilld subscription. You’re free to cancel at anytime using your account settings while logged in or by sending us an email. Please note your subscription will roll over month to month unless you cancel.

How many candidates can I contact?

While subscribed we’ll unlock the phone number for all your matches, we hope you touch base with them all. If you cancel your subscription, the details will be hidden again until next time.

Do I have to pay anything extra if I hire a candidate I found on Skilld?

Absolutely not! We don’t get involved with how you conduct your hiring process nor are you subject to any further commissions.

If you do hire a candidate through Skilld, we’d love a shoutout 

How do I place my job ad?

Skilld is unlike a regular job board. We don’t deal in typical job ads which require an application process that fills up your inbox. When you create a search for a position in a location, we’ll automatically create a card for your business, similar to those you see candidates.