2017’s Best Rostering Software In The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has a range of apps that can take you from the stone age… or excel spread sheets and into the 21st century with automation, better tracking and insights into your business your previously didn’t have access to. There are new apps and sites for everything from payroll, customer engagement to point of sale. For this post, we are looking at the best rostering software apps for your hospitality business in 2017.



Deputy works with over 25,000 hospitality venues, integrated with over 20 point of sale and payroll providers with the likes of Xero, MYOB, Square, Vend etc. It also has a website version, iPhone App and Apple iwatch app.


 Deputy.com iPhone App.

Deputy.com iPhone App.

Features include:

Areas & Locations

Schedule employees in different areas and locations.

Publish Schedules

Publish Schedules and notify your employees over email, SMS or push notification.

Drag & Drop

Easily create shifts using Deputy’s drag and drop interface.

Stats & Reports

View estimate shift costs and graph wages against expected sales.

Add New Employees

Quickly add new employees at the touch of a button.

Leave Management

Employees can self manage their leave and unavailability.

Take the guesswork out of employee scheduling! Integrate POS data and live weather feed to identify peaks and troughs of sales/foot traffic and create your schedule accordingly.

Find & Replace

Never do the ring around again. Offer open shifts to either selected employees or your entire workforce with one tap. You can even allow your employees to swap shifts.

Fatigue & Overtime Management

Maximum of 8 hours per day? 40 hours per week? Part timer with 29 hour limit? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered


Need to track your trained and qualified employees? Whether it’s first aid, food preparation or heavy machinery, allocate employees according to their skills and qualifications.


Accurately cost your full schedules before you publish. Never go over budget! Sync your employee’s pay rates straight from your payroll software.

Areas, Roles & Activities

Whether you are a single site or franchise owner, you can run multiple locations of your business within one account. Structure your business with different areas, roles or activities.





Tanda has over 1,000 business locations using their rostering software everyday. Tanda also connects with payroll software like XERO, MYOB, Sage, Kounta etc.



Features Include:


Tanda’s rostering is the best tool for scheduling, communicating with your team and managing staff costs.


Record employee time and attendance accurately every time with Tanda’s electronic clock in.


Use Tanda’s library of Modern Awards to automate your payroll and roster cost calculation.


Tanda works with your existing payroll system to manage your pay rates and staff set up.

Award Interpretation

Automatic award interpretation of the Hospitality Award (MA000009) is the market leader, and updated regularly in accordance with Fair Work Australia.

Costed Roster

Know how much your weekly roster is going to cost you before staff clock in, by tracking your costs in the roster builder and matching it to your budget.

Import Revenue Data

Tanda lets you pull across your revenue data from your POS system so you can see how your business is tracking, and compare it to your budgeted costs.

Clock In

Always pay your staff accurately and fairly for the times they work. A simple four digit code and photo means that the right staff are always working at the right time.


Tanda’s rostering system lets you know who can’t work and why, giving you all the data you need to optimise your roster.

Payroll Integrations

1 click payroll integration means that Tanda works seamlessly with your pre-existing software eliminating those wasted hours of manually importing data into payroll.

In-depth Reporting

Tanda’s in-depth reporting system allows you to view your wage costs, and to manage your finances accordingly.


Upload multiple staff qualifications for each individual, to easily display qualifications on the roster. Tanda alerts you when qualifications have expired or are nearing expiry.

Multi-approval Timesheets

Tanda’s multi-approval functionality means that multiple supervisors, in different locations can review and approve timesheets.


 Tanda Pricing is only available on request. And includes a 14 day free trial.

Tanda Pricing is only available on request. And includes a 14 day free trial.



GoRoster has had over 25 million roster hours registered through its site to date. GoRoster integrates with payroll partners like MYOB and SmartPayroll.

Features Include:

Quickly build an entire weeks roster on one screen

Break away from maintaining rosters in time consuming spreadsheets. goRoster is the easiest and fastest way to build rosters. Our simple to use designer makes building a roster painless.

Communicate with employees efficiently using SMS & email

With just a few clicks send a roster to one employee, selected employees, or, everyone on the roster. Even receive responses and send general messages. Sending is a breeze. No more mis-communication, no more excuses.

Record turnover & automatically calculate employee costs

Help managers stay on budget by seeing costs and hours for each day as they build a roster. Enter projected and actual turnover and view financial data by business unit.

Detailed employee information & communication history

Record a wide variety of HR related data. Set preferred hours, contact details, pay rates & banking details. Assign leave, tags & qualifications. Even personalise employees with a photo & send a direct message.

Multiple sites, multiple rosters, multiple ways to save time & money

goRoster helps to cut costs and everyday expenses associated with creating rosters and communicating with employees. Find out how to save time and money with goRoster.

Other features to help run your business more effectively

Accessible anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection. Fully-featured, from the simple to use dashboard to exporting to payroll and reporting. goRoster could be the difference you are looking for. Learn more about other features that goRoster offers.


 GoRoster Pricing which also includes a 30 day free trial.

GoRoster Pricing which also includes a 30 day free trial.


Skilld.com instantly connects local hospitality professionals directly to local businesses. It is always free to search across 47 professions from your head chef, barista, wait staff to venue manager. You can then shortlist to see who is interested in discussing the role further. Once you match with a candidate it is $50 per month subscription fee to be able to speak to candidates. Whatever happens between the candidates and yourselves is between you guys. We don’t get involved with pay or contracts! Skilld has over 8,000 venues and 120,000 skilled hospitality professionals looking for work. To find out more, click here.